So do it then!

Everytime I create a new FREE resource for anyone to use for NZSL and Te Reo Māori, someone, (we shall call her Karen for arguments sake) says "you can just download these images from NZSL Online Dictionary and do it yourself!" to which I want to scream "So do it then!"

What is it with Karens? Why can't they just shhh or DO IT THEMSELVES!

I know you can download images and make your own, because that is WHAT I DID! But, and here's the rub,

then I make it a usable resource, with instructions and links, so that hopefully parents and teachers will be encouraged to try new ways of exploring NZSL and Te Reo Māori. I then consult with members of the Deaf Community and teachers of in Te Reo Māori to make sure I'm on the right track. It's not as simple as it may appear when you click "download" but I want to spread the love of our languages, and this is a way I can do it.

Karens in NZ love to do this; cut down other people's work, but stand on the sidelines making jack shit of difference in the community.

So Karen, I challenge you to kia kaha and make your own resources, upload them to your website for all to use for free, share on Facebook and Instagram then tag me in the post so I can say "all you need to do is..."

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