This is progress!!

I signed up to do "Te Wā Tuku Reo Māori - The Māori Language Moment" to kick off Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori - Māori Language Week. I was going to do a fun activity with the kids I was working with. But...I was in a hui instead! I was so disappointed to miss Te Wā Tuku Reo Māori! BUT then, when I thought about it, it was even better than a moment! I was in a hui - using Te Reo Māori with several Māori kaiako (teachers) who were naturally incorporating Te Reo Māori and, even more exciting, I UNDERSTOOD THE KUPU (words) they were using!! This reflection nearly made me cry! I didn't have to create a Māori moment - I was in one!

To me this is real progress. The natural use of Te Reo Māori in my day to day life.

I'm still a beginner, but I'm less of a beginner than I was when I began!

Kia Kaha Te Reo Māori!

xx Jen

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