Arohatia Te Reo! Cherish the Language

Te Reo Māori was the first spoken language of Aotearoa. It is a beautiful language that connects Māori with each other, their culture, heritage and their land. It is a taonga for all New Zealanders. Acknowledging Te Reo Māori and its significance and importance also acknowledges Māori people and culture. We, as New Zealanders, are all responsible for helping Te Reo Māori live on by sharing this beautiful language with our children.

There are three official languages of New Zealand; Te Reo Māori, New Zealand Sign Language and English. All of these languages connect to our people and our culture. All three are treasures that need to be cherished and shared with each and every generation.

Language is the basis for connection. We need to teach our children to love the three languages of New Zealand and cherish the people that speak them.

"Kōrero Mai - Speak to Me" cherishes the three languages of Aotearoa New Zealand 

We are all New Zealanders, we are one people that celebrate our differences. We want to encourage and empower families to incorporate all three of our beautiful languages into their daily lives.

Huge thank you, arohanui, to Anaha Hiini for helping with the Te Reo Māori, for sharing his whakatauki with us and also for blessing our books. 
Check out Anaha's work at Kōtihi Reo Consultants.

Kōrerohia te reo, tohungia te reo

Speak the language, sign the language

Te Reo Māori